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At Dad Daze Hub, our mission is to empower and support dads like you on their journey through fatherhood. We believe that every dad deserves access to practical advice, expert insights, and a community that understands the challenges of balancing family, work, and personal life in today’s fast-paced world.

Meet the Dad Daze Hub Team: Sharing Stories, Offering Support

Get to know the dedicated writers behind Dad Daze Hub – Chris Smith and Ethan Turner. Both experienced fathers with unique perspectives, they strive to offer relatable stories and practical advice to help you navigate modern fatherhood. From tackling the challenges of co-parenting to balancing work and family life, our team is committed to creating a supportive community where dads can connect, learn, and grow together.


Chris Smith


Chris is the dedicated dad and driving force behind Dad Daze Hub. As a young father of three, he knows firsthand the joys and challenges of balancing modern family life with a demanding career as a head brewer. Inspired by his own experiences, Chris created Dad Daze Hub as a platform to share his insights, connect with like-minded dads, and foster a supportive community focused on the journey of fatherhood.

Ethan Turner

Ethan Turner


Ethan is a talented writer and proud father of two, who brings a wealth of personal experience to the Dad Daze Hub. After separating from his partner, Ethan faced the challenges of co-parenting while juggling the demands of his career as a marketing professional. His passion for writing and helping other dads navigate the complexities of modern fatherhood led him to join our team. With his unique perspective and relatable storytelling, Ethan’s contributions to our blog have resonated with dads all over the world.

The Values That Guide Us

Dad Community


We believe in building a supportive and inclusive community where dads from all walks of life can connect, learn, and grow together.

Dad Tips

Practical Wisdom

Our content focuses on providing actionable tips and advice that you can implement in your daily life as a dad.

Family Values

Honest And Transparent

We value open and honest communication, sharing both our successes and challenges to create a genuine and relatable experience for our readers.

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